9th May 2017

by Sarah Lockett on May 9, 2017

EAU award 2017I am now an award-winning journalist! Or at least a series of programmes I presented for Websedge TV have won an award – check out their YouTube channel for the coverage of the European Association of Urology’s annual meeting in London.

ITN Productions suiteThis  week I have been working in the all-new edit suites at ITN Productions – really state of the art: love them. The client was also delighted with my film, which is always good. I have also been speaking to business leaders in Guangzhou in China and Munich in Germany, in preparation for their upcoming interviews at the London Stock Exchange for the Business Debate. Here are some of my recent films, and if you want to take part in these debates (“discussing tomorrow’s business today”), call 020 3553 3664 or email yourfilm@thedebate.biz.

I am also starting early prep for my next media training session – a type of work which I particularly love. Watch this space and Twitter @sarahLockett