Sarah Lockett, London Stock Exchange StudiosSarah has been freelance for most of her working life. Here are the recent highlights.


London Stock Exchange Group – interviewer/presenter/media trainer; TBD Media (presenter); Media Trainer (various clients eg BFBS Creative, UltraSocial); FC Media (voiceover, media trainer); Conference host/interviewer (corporate clients); Quiz Coconut Events Host


TBD Media (presenter); Quiz Coconut Events Host; MTA (Media Training Associates) (trainer); Conference host/interviewer/presenter (various clients)

Sarah Lockett, TBD Media2018

London Stock Exchange Issuer Services – interviewer/presenter; Websedge (presenter, sponsored content); The Business Debate(presenter); ITN Productions (reporter); MTA (Media Training Associates) (trainer); Conference host/interviewer/presenter (various corporate clients)


The Business Debate (presenter); ITN Productions (reporter); MTA (Media Training Associates) (trainer); Video content interviewer/presenter (various clients eg GSK)


Forces TV News (reporter/presenter),  ITN Productions (reporter, presenter, media trainer), The Business Channel (programme presenter), MTA (Media Training Associates) media trainer; Topline Communications (presenter, voiceover), Dragon Rouge (food consultant).Sarah Lockett, presenter


ITN Industry News, (reporter, presenter), ITN Productions (reporter, presenter, media trainer), The Business Channel (programme presenter), Topline Communications (presenter, corporate films), Websedge TV (presenter, The Lancet TV), Dragon Rouge (food expert).

The Business Channel Sarah Lockett


ITN Productions (reporter, presenter, sponsored content);  The Business Channel (programme presenter); BBC London (bulletin presenter), Websedge (presenter, sponsored content); Topline Communications (presenter, media trainer, live webinar host)


Websedge (presenter, sponsored content), Our Blink (presenter, video guides); Sky News (business presenter), Channel 4 News (reporter), “Healthy” magazine (freelance writer).


Sky News (anchor, business presenter); BBC News 24 (reporter, business presenter); “Shape” & “Healthy” magazine (feature writer); GMTV (newsreader), Channel 5 News (reporter), The Scotsman (feature writer/columnist). BBC Newsroom South East (reporter)

1998-2000 – ITV Meridian (anchor “Meridian Tonight”)

1995-96Reuters Business TV – freelance presenter/reporter

1994-96ITN – producer/reporter – various programmes: ‘House to House’, ‘The Big Breakfast’, ‘Channel 4 News’, ‘ITN Morning News’, Channel 5 News 

1991 – BBC Radio 1 – newsreader (freelance)

1991/2001 – BBC Newsroom Southeast (reporter, newsreader)

1989-1995 BBC GLR (now BBC London radio), freelance reporter, newsreader, news presenter

1988-1989Capital Radio, London (producer  News and Talks dept, reporter)

1987 British Telecom – 0898 telephone services (producer) + Capital radio (asst producer)

“Sarah’s sound and thorough journalistic experience means that she can turn anything into engaging and watchable content.” – Tracey O’Halloran, HBL Media

Sarah Lockett, London Stock Exchange Studios