Corporate TV workVideo production: Sarah works with corporate clients to produce location films, studio interviews and online video content for web-presentation and conferences . Working through a number of outlets (ITN Productions, The Business DebateThe Business Channel, Topline Communications etc), she presents/directs/produces news-style reports, plus interviews to showcase organisations and cover major announcements (new product, corporate news, results, mergers etc).

Media Training: Sarah delivers media training in groups and one-to-one sessions, both in the UK and internationally. Sessions include Basic Media Training, Crisis Management, hostile doorstep interviews and press conferences. Presentation skills are covered, including:

- personal impact (appearance, body language)
- communication skills (for meetings, one-to-one)
- skills for public speaking
- PowerPoint presentations – how to structure and deliver
- pitching ideas to internal teams and external clients (including writing skills)
- ‘Writing for speaking’ (as opposed to print for reading)
- building a presentation with purpose and impact

Corporate hosting: Sarah chairs/hosts panel discussions for live web streaming and hosts conference sessions and corporate events. For more information, or to book Sarah, email

“Sarah is a pleasure to work with. She can be trusted to handle complex subjects and difficult business issues. She is professional, reliable and flexible.” – Heather Baker, Owner, Topline Communications