sarah lockett

23rd May 2016

by Sarah Lockett on May 23, 2016

This week I am working on more articles for – my latest piece is 10 ways to eat for free, plus check out also 10 easy cakes you can make right now. Who doesn’t want  a bit of cake? I am preparing to deliver some media training with Topline Communications – a one-to-one session this time – […]

11th May 2016

by Sarah Lockett on May 11, 2016

This week I am again working for the Business Debate conducting interviews with key industry leaders. We are back shooting at the London Stock Exchange Studios – which have been completely revamped, and are looking amazing! I have also been filming in the studio at  TrickboxTV, next to Tower Bridge. Check out some of the finished films on […]

22nd April 2016

by Sarah Lockett on April 22, 2016

The first of my Business Debate interviews with key  industry leaders are now live on the Wall Street Journal website – click here to view one on cyber security for example. They’re all part of the London Stock Exchange Studio Debates – currently being filmed at  TrickboxTV studios, near Tower Bridge in the City of London (see pic). Others are […]

15th Sept 2015

by Sarah Lockett on September 15, 2015

This week I have been presenting and reporting at Forces TV, on all things defence and military-related. We have been taken up with analysing Jeremy Corbyn’s new reign as Labour leader, and what it’ll mean for the party’s defence policies. I am also going on two shoots for ITN Productions, in Cardiff and Manchester. One […]