Remote Media Training

by Sarah Lockett on March 26, 2020

Many of us are working from home during this Coronavirus lockdown. And even if we ARE able to work from home, a lot of projects and deals have been shelved/postponed/cancelled. So we’re less busy than usual (aside from homeschooling our kids and cooking for our families, plus getting all those long-postponed DIY jobs done, but that’s a whole other blogpost!)

Sarah Lockett, TBD Media
Sarah Lockett, TBD Media

So why not use some of this downtime to come back bigger and better when business starts up again? How are your communication skills? How are your presentation skills? How are your media skills? Even if you think you’ll never speak to the media, everyone needs communication skills, right? And during these times of constant Skype/Zoom calls, we all need to know how to look our best on a webcam – and how to pitch our message right, for each audience. Posture and body language count! Lighting counts! Plus the background, your clothes, tone and pace – the list goes on.

To learn how to get all of these elements right, book one of my media training sessions – or presentation training sessions – to be held online, for the foreseeable future.

All sessions are bespoke, depending on what you need, but we cover:

What is news? What do journalists want? 

Preparing for your interview – your objectives, proof points

Role play – press/radio/TV interviews, playback + feedback

DTL (Down The Line) techniques, playback + feedback

Logistics of interviews – where, when, how

What are you going to say? Key messages. Who’s the audience?

How do I look and sound? Body language, tone, pitch, techniques for broadcast

Distracting looks, check your background, what to wear

Different types of interview

How to answer difficult questions – the ABC technique

Topping and tailing your message

Learn from the best, and worst – we watch videos

“60 seconds of passion!”

So get in touch! email: or (m) 07973 841791. I have previously trained people from many different organisations and countries, including: Barclays Bank, UK Government Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London Business School, UK Ambulance Service, Xero, Divido and many more.

Pub Quizzes and Media Training

by Sarah Lockett on January 23, 2020

Sarah Lockett, London Stock Exchange Studios
Sarah Lockett, Presenter, The Business Debate

What do Pub Quizzes have to do with Media Training? One of the things I do is host Pub Quizzes. Another thing I do is Media Training. What do they have in common? How are they similar? What can one learn from the other?

Well, in Pub Quizzes everyone is trying to say the right thing and come out on top. In Media Training, everyone is trying to say the right thing and come out on top. The difference is: in a quiz there’s a right and a wrong answer: you either know it or you don’t. But there is some scope for finessing, charming, winning over the host and getting bonus points. You get points for thinking of a funny team name. You get points for adding in extra pieces of information, so long as they amuse the crowd. And in the creative rounds (make a team mascot out of tinfoil, devise a limerick etc) you can gain extra points at the host’s discretion. In the same way, when you speak to the media, you can go a long way by being charming, entertaining, appealing, ‘nice’. Think of the Virgin boss, Richard Branson – his sweaters, his beard, his willingness to do slightly wacky photo-ops (dressing up in a wedding dress to launch Virgin Brides, going up in high altitude balloons). People LIKE him, he’s a national treasure!

That’s not to say everything has always gone well for him – some of his trains have crashed, his space tourism programme has been his by serious setbacks etc – but generally we’re on his side.

And he too, needs to be briefed. He – and you – need to know your key messages, you need to ‘know the answers’, you need to have role-played the interview beforehand and thought about what you’ll say. I am not suggesting you just wing it with a winning smile and a few back-slaps! But being personally appealing can get you on the right track with your audience – when combined with thorough preparation, preparation, preparation.

That’s why booking a media training session is advisable, on a regular basis, and for all your senior people. Get in touch 🙂

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