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I take it back: I HAVE got Imposter Syndrome

by Sarah Lockett on September 26, 2020

I recently did a blog saying I didn’t have Imposter Syndrome, because somewhere along the line, I’d realised that if people keep paying me to do something, I must be OK. That was the gist of it anyway. But I have recently been picked to do a job that I actually have no training for […]

10¢ a word for voiceover?

by Sarah Lockett on September 16, 2020

I was recently offered 10 cents a word for recording voiceover dialogue/narration in my home studio. This could be quite a good rate (I have been paid more though). It works out at $100 for 1,000 words. Now, if I don’t have to edit the copy, then that might take me less that 2 hours […]

Voiceover accents – cultural appropriation?

by Sarah Lockett on August 7, 2020

The elder daughter is up in arms because I have sent in a demo of a “Middle Eastern” accent for a v/o job, and I am not Middle Eastern. “It’s cultural appropriation! There are loads of Middle Eastern people who’d LOVE that work!” Well yes, and they are welcome to apply for it. But if […]

In #lockdown, a lot of people are podcasting, video podcasting, hosting webinars/guesting on webinars, vlogging, hosting online masterclasses, and interviewing other people to add value to those masterclasses (colleagues/contacts/experts etc). We’ve all become interviewers (and presenters, but that’s another blog…). But, can we all BE GOOD INTERVIEWERS? It’s just asking questions, right? And hopefully listening […]