See the news last night? Ooh yes… nasty blouse.

by Sarah Lockett on May 28, 2020

An old joke, but true! Never mind the headlines, did the presenter do, wear or express something through his/her body language that distracted you from the story? We know 70% of communication is non-verbal. And, as I teach in my Media Training sessions, these factors can be very off-putting and stop you from putting across […]

Am I judgey?

by Sarah Lockett on May 22, 2020

…or just observant? When I watch TV, or do a Zoom call, I look at the people on the screen and say (actually out loud!) things like, “Hat, fringe, perm, goatee, polo-neck, dangly earrings, roots… etc etc”. I say what I see, the first thing that pops into my mind as they appear. I may […]

Are you dull?

by Sarah Lockett on May 5, 2020

By which I mean: is your voice dull? Is it monotone, lacking in “light and shade”, changes in tone and pitch? Flat, repetitive, difficult to listen to for any length of time? Hard to understand? Do you have a heavy accent? Do you feel self conscious putting expression and emphasis into your voice? Or are […]

WFH video calls: stop doing this one thing

by Sarah Lockett on April 8, 2020

I recently did a Zoom call with 100 participants. I would say 97% of them had terrible lighting, framing and positioning of their webcam/laptops! Whilst this may not matter to you (you may just be chatting with your friends/family) it’ll lead to a more engaging, enjoyable experience for the other person (your listener/viewer) if you […]