presentation training

When does expressive become crazy?

by Sarah Lockett on June 22, 2020

I’ve become aware that I may look crazy. What I mean is: when I’m doing Zoom calls, I catch myself flailing my arms around, flashing my eyes and using my eyebrows, mouth, face, shoulders, hands and general ‘body language’ to emphasise what I’m saying. But at what point does all this become bonkers? Many people […]

PowerPoints – headlines or chapter-and-verse?

by Sarah Lockett on June 7, 2020

If you think you know the answer to this question, “Headlines!” you’re shouting. And I am the first one to agree. I roll my eyes and switch off when there’s lots of text on the screen – whole paragraphs – which the presenter just reads out – badly, stumbling, swallowing their words, trying to rush. […]

Imposter Syndrome – why I haven’t got it

by Sarah Lockett on May 29, 2020

OK, now I sound like an unsufferable big-head. I’m not. But here’s my reasoning: I am freelance, so if I was no good, no-one would ever employ me again. I’d do one job for each client, and then I’d never hear from them again. So, the fact that I keep getting repeat work means I […]

See the news last night? Ooh yes… nasty blouse.

by Sarah Lockett on May 28, 2020

An old joke, but true! Never mind the headlines, did the presenter do, wear or express something through his/her body language that distracted you from the story? We know 70% of communication is non-verbal. And, as I teach in my Media Training sessions, these factors can be very off-putting and stop you from putting across […]